文案编辑 Adobe InCopy CC 2019 for Windows

文案编辑 Adobe InCopy CC 2019 for Windows

InCopy CC。与文案人员和编辑合作。

InCopy 具备哪些功能?

利用 InCopy,文案人员和编辑可以设计文本样式、跟踪更改和对文档进行简单的版面修改,而设计人员可以同时在 Adobe InDesign CC 中处理同一文档 – 而不会覆盖对方的文稿。

InCopy CC 的新增功能

InCopy CC 2018 年 10 月版(版本 14.0)专注于改善用户体验,它在常用功能及工作流程方面,赋予了用户更多的控制权


现在,您可以通过 InCopy 浏览数百家铸字行提供的成千上万种字体,然后可以快速激活它们,并在您的文档中加以使用。“字体”面板包含各种新增选项,可以在您使用字体时为您提供丰富的体验。您可以应用过滤器,以专门查看最近添加的字体。您还可以从预定义文本列表中选择样本文本,以进行字体预览;或者您也可以选择自己的文本。此外,您现在还可以选择在预览字体时更改字体的大小。

OpenType SVG 字体支持

凭借 InCopy 对 OpenType SVG 字体的支持,如今,您可以在单个字形中体现多种颜色和渐变。

通过使用 OpenType SVG emoji 字体,您可以在文档中运用彩色、图形化的字符,例如,表情符号、旗帜、路标、动物、人物、食物和地标等。您还可以创建复合字形。例如,使用 EmojiOne 字体时,您可以创建国家/地区的旗帜,或在字形中实现肤色多样化。




现在,您可以在 InCopy 的表格中插入脚注。脚注文本显示在文本框架的底部。


导入 Word 文档时,以及在导出为支持脚注的格式(例如,PDF、EPUB 和 HTML)时,都会保留表格脚注。



现在,您可以在 InCopy 中将尾注转换为脚注,以及将脚注转换为尾注。



InCopy CC. Collaborate with copywriters and editors.

What can you do with InCopy?

InCopy lets copywriters and editors style text, track changes, and make simple layout modifications to a document while designers work on the same document simultaneously in Adobe InDesign CC — all without overwriting each other’s contributions.

What’s new in InCopy CC

Learn what’s new in the latest release of InCopy CC.

The October 2018 release of InCopy CC (version 14.0) focuses on improving the user experience with more control over commonly used features and workflows. Read on for a quick introduction to these features and links to resources offering more information.

Visual font browsing

You can now browse thousands of fonts from hundreds of type foundries from within InCopy, activate them instantly, and use them in your documents. The Fonts panel includes various new options to provide you an enriched experience while working with fonts. You can apply a filter to view only the recently added fonts. You can also select a sample text from the list of predefined text for font preview or select your own text as well. You now also have the option to change the font size while previewing the font.

OpenType SVG fonts support

With the support for OpenType SVG fonts in InCopy, you can now provide multiple colors and gradients in a single glyph.

Using OpenType SVG emoji fonts, you can include various colorful and graphical characters, such as smileys, flags, street signs, animals, people, food, and landmarks in your documents. You can also create composite glyphs. For example, using the EmojiOne font, you can create the flags of countries or achieve skin tone diversity in your glyphs.

Combine glyphs to form the flags of countries
Combine glyphs to form the flags of countries

Combine single-person characters with skin colors
Combine single-person characters with diverse skin tones

Add footnotes in tables

You can now insert footnotes in a table in InCopy. The footnote text appears at the bottom of the text frame.

The reference number of a footnote in a table will be in continuation with the reference number of footnotes in that story.

Table footnotes are retained while importing Word documents and are exported to formats that support footnotes, such as PDF, EPUB, and HTML.

Space between paragraphs of same style

You now have the ability to choose whether the spacing before or after affects the text of the same style. The Space Between Paragraphs Using Same Style option in the Styles dialog lets you specify a value for space between paragraphs having the same style. This value is used only if two consecutive paragraphs have the same paragraph style. If the paragraph styles of consecutive paragraphs are different, the value for the Space Before and Space After options are used.

You can now convert endnotes to footnotes and footnotes to endnotes in InCopy.

Remember previous export format

Now, every document will remember its last export format. If the document is shared with another user or accessed from another machine, it will still retain the format in which that document was last exported.


文案编辑 Adobe InCopy CC 2019 for Windows

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