水处理 Hydromantis CapdetWorks 2.5d / GPS-X 7.0.1

Hydromantis.GPS-X GPS-X是废水处理系统动态仿真的强大工具,Hydromantis.GPS-X包括大量模型,实际污水处理厂中所能遇到的单元过程几乎都被包括在内,GPS-X甚至包括高级的脱氮模型、固定化生物膜工艺、厌氧反应器、二沉池模型、初沉池模型以及污泥处理的几个单元过程。通过对图表的操作就可以完成自己的污水处理厂的配置和输出,并且可以为各个单元选择适当的过程模型和参数值。

Version GPS-X – World-Class Wastewater Simulation

Make wastewater facility design more efficient, and evaluate every option. Hydromantis is the home of GPS-X, renowned as the world’s premier wastewater treatment plant simulation and optimization application. GPS-X is a modular, multi-purpose computer program for the modeling and simulation of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Whether you are designing a new facility, or simulating an existing plant, GPS-X will help you improve your design and operating efficiency.

Key GPS-X Features:

Drag-and-Drop Drawing Board

  • Create models by simply arranging the unit processes and connecting them up.

Comprehensive Library of Unit Process Models

  • GPS-X contains the industry’s largest library of process models, covering a wide range of liquid and solids treatment.
  • A full suite of biological models cover all common treatment processes for carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and pH control.

Streamlined Simulation Interface

  • A new simulation environment allows modellers quick and easy access to simulation results.
  • Summarized output data is available to be viewed, copied and/or printed with a single mouse click.

New Comprehensive Biological Model – ‘Mantis2’

  • Comprehensive model for Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous removal
  • Integrated activated sludge and anaerobic digestion
  • Mass balance for COD, C, N, P, Ca, Mg, K
  • Unified composite variable calculation
  • Two stage nitrification using AOB, NOB, 2-step denitrification
  • Methylotrophic biomass
  • ANAMMOX biomass
  • Gas phase modeling for N2, CO2, H2, CH4
  • pH and alkalinity estimation in both liquid and solid train
  • Precipitation of CaCO3, MgHPO4, CaPO4, Al and Fe phosphates and struvite

Fast Steady-State and Dynamic Simulations

  • GPS-X uses a powerful numerical simulation engine for fast simulation results.
  • Simulate 100 days of dynamically changing performance in just minutes.

Advanced Data Handling/Reporting Tools

  • Import and export data from GPS-X with the click of a button.
  • Pre-formatted spreadsheet reports can be generated directly from GPS-X, showing all simulation data and images.
  • Custom report templates can be designed for specific jobs.

Open Modelling Platform, with Open-Source Models

  • The GPS-X simulation environment allows users to write/edit/change models, via the ACSL programming language.
  • Add any new calculations/algorithms/variables to your model layout.
  • Advanced tools such as Model Developer allow for easy biological model manipulation in matrix format.
  • All GPS-X input and output menus, as well as the new simulation result summaries, can be edited and customized by the user.

Superior Technical Support

  • Hydromantis provides the best support in the business.
  • Phone, email and internet meeting (WEBEX) channels provide instant support to clients.
  • Join our regular live web seminars for classes, tutorials and tips on how to get the most out of GPS-X.

International Support

  • GPS-X is available in the following languages:

Application/Industries Served

The following list shows typical applications of GPS-X models by a wide range of users:


  • Determine the impact of increased organic and hydraulic loading on an existing plant.
  • Verify plant capacity under different loading conditions, temperatures and or operating strategies.
  • Evaluate options for converting an existing plant that must meet new nitrification guidelines.
  • Compare alternatives for retrofitting an existing process (e.g. conventional activated sludge converted to IFAS).
  • Compare various BNR process configurations.
  • Investigate dynamic wet-weather performance, and determine best bypass or step-feed procedures.
  • Assess different diffused aeration design (e.g., diffuser design, taper and DO control).


  • Investigate the impacts of changing to a different operational strategy before implementing it in the field.
  • Study the impact of internal recycle rates, anoxic zones, and anaerobic zones on nitrification, denitrification and overall treatment level.
  • Model and evaluate the effects of taking specific digesters out of service with the goal to minimize the effect on sludge treatment.
  • Determine the effect on the plant performance if a rain event occurs while aeration tanks or clarifiers are taken out of service.

Operator Training
Combined with a plant-specific SCADA-like interface, GPS-X models can be used as an interactive training tool for treatment plant staff:

  • use the model to introduce new staff to the behaviour of the WWTP under dynamic conditions
  • illustrate the effects of changes to operational parameters (DO setpoints, RAS/WAS rates)
  • investigate wet-weather event strategies
  • determine the effects of diffuser cleaning on process performance, and estimate the optimum cleaning frequency

Cost Savings Investigations

  • Investigate the potential energy cost savings of implementing dissolved oxygen (DO) control or fine tuning existing DO control strategies.
  • Use the energy or chemical costing algorithms to estimate cost saving strategies under dynamic operating conditions.
  • Evaluate the most cost-effective options for upgrading (i.e.: install another reactor, add IFAS media, increase sludge handling capacity, etc.).
  • Balance the cost of sludge hauling and dewatering polymer addition by optimizing polymer dosage.
  • Evaluate phosphorus removal options for operating costs. Compare the operating costs of Bio-P (aeration and pumping costs) vs. chemical P removal (chemical addition costs) for your plant.


  • GPS-X is used as the primary research/development environment at many academic institutions around the world.
  • GPS-X serves as an effective research tool for investigating new process designs and strategies, as well as the development of new wastewater models.
  • GPS-X is offered in a multi-user site license configuration, useful for demonstrating wastewater treatment process engineering to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • GPS-X allows the students a ‘hands-on’ experience of running a virtual plant, and interactively seeing the relationships between key parameters and wastewater treatment performance.

Management and Strategic Planning

  • Capacity Analysis: by using future organic and hydraulic loading estimates, GPS-X determines when the plant will need to be expanded or upgraded.
  • Modeling can be carried out quickly to answer any operational questions associated with taking processes out of service.
  • Construction timing can be optimized by estimating the effects of various service reductions on plant compliance.
  • Treatment plant owners can use GPS-X to evaluate/confirm plant designs being submitted by consultants.
  • GPS-X can be used to reduce the cost of pilot plant operational studies by reducing the need to operate under certain conditions (i.e.: SRT’s that require long operating periods and hence increased costs).

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水处理 Hydromantis CapdetWorks 2.5d / GPS-X 7.0.1

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Hydromantis GPS-X 7.0.1: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1KrsKpMemFIUipE-HJXNmMw

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