机械设计制造软件 SolidWorks 2018 SP1.0 Full Premium Multilanguage Integrated x64

SOLIDWORKS® 2018 提供了许多增强和改进功能,其中大多数是直接针对客户要求而做出的增强和改进。


  • 设计至制造流程。 将您的想法投入市场的完整解决方案。
  • 分布式数据管理流程。 为合适的人选在正确的时间提供正确的数据。
  • 设计人员至分析人员流程。 用于设计流程中的每一步骤的各种分析工具。
  • 电气设计和物联网 (IOT) 流程。 将您的智能设备连接到您的客户。


  • 鼠标笔势增强功能
  • 基于触摸的交互
  • “欢迎”对话框
 SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect
  • 支持的其他文件格式
  • 支持从第三方本机 CAD 文件读取的附加信息
  • 卸载渲染
  • 创建边界框
  • 从损坏实体提取几何体
  • 创建正交切除
  • 薄片和槽口
  • 三个折弯边角释放槽
  • 在 3D 草图中创建镜向实体
  • 基于触控笔、触摸和笔势的草图绘制
  • 在 SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard 中自动创建工程图 PDF
  • 数据卡编辑器撤消
  • 设计分支和合并
  • 详细警告消息
  • 修订表集成
 SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • 应力奇异性的网格细化
  • 非线性接触的位移控制
  • 已完成分析的电子邮件通知
  • 非线性静态算例的安全系数图解
  • 拓扑算例
  • 改进的销钉接头
  • 将模拟算例特征导入到装配体中
  • Simulation 质量属性传感器
  • 自定义边界框属性的描述
  • 将切割清单文件夹链接到切割清单属性
  • 更好地控制自定义属性

SolidWorks 2018 SP0 Win x64 | 13.8 Gb
SOLIDWORKS 2018 provides four new solutions to help you simplify interactions between product development teams and ultimately improve your business. Accelerate product innovation and grow your business with these new processes:
Complete solution to bring your ideas to market
For years, companies have survived despite having a separation between their design and manufacturing departments, both by organization, and by the tools they use. SOLIDWORKS Design-to-Manufacturing Process Solution provides everything you need to bring your ideas to market. Design to final assembly work can now happen concurrently in one seamlessly integrated and managed system.
The right data, at the right time, for the right people
Electronic data within organization needs to be easy to access regardless of the format – from documents and spreadsheets to metadata, processes data, and data from enterprise resource planning. SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management (DDM) Process Solution can organize all this data so it is easy to access across many disciplines and departments. It also makes it easy to capture non-electronic data and complex electronic data such as 3D shapes.
Analysis tools for every step of design
Great designs are the result of inspiration, perspiration, and hours of hard work. SOLIDWORKS Designer to Analyst Process Solution helps you speed up the complete design cycle. Your engineering and design teams can work together concurrently evolving product designs while validating any changes, and reusing previous analysis information.
Home Page: https://www.solidworks.com


SolidWorks 2018 SP1.0 Full Premium Multilanguage Integrated x64 (by SSQ):

SolidWorks 2018 SP0 Win x64

运行SolidWorks.2017-2018.Activator.SSQ.exe,在Set Serial Numbers选项下选择Force Local Activaton Serial Numbers,点击Accept Serial Numbers

转到Activate Licenses,点击Activate Licenses,保存sw_d.lic


安装完成后,转到Copy Loaders,点击Copy Loaders

Local Activation on Client Computers:

0. Before installation, disable antivirus software and block the outgoing Internet access
by means of Windows Firewall or cord plug. Check .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0 are
installed. If .NET Framework 3.5 (including 2.0) is not installed, go to
“Control Panel” -> “Programs and Features” -> “Turn Windows features on or off” ->
-> select “.NET Framework 3.5 (including 2.0)”

1. Unzip the _SolidSQUAD_2018 folder into arbitrary writeable folder like (C:\Temp)

2. Run “SolidWorks.2017-2018.Activator.SSQ.exe” as administrator (right-click on file)
2.1 Press “Change Serial Numbers” button, select “Force Local Activation Serial Numbers”
from drop-down list and press “Change Serial Numbers”
2.2 Press “Activate Licenses” button, select “SolidWorks 2018 Products” from drop-down
list, select products to activate by toggling “Activate” or “Skip” on every product
and “Details” to tweak features if required. Press “Activate Licenses” to activate
licenses. SolidWorks PDM Professional license (ex Enterprise PDM) license will be
also generated and prompted to save on disk as “sw_d.lic”
2.3 Close activator window

3. Install SolidWorks 2018 (including PDM Client if required). Dont install SolidNetwork
License Server (SNL).
3.1 If the System Check Warning window appears, ignore it (click Next to continue)
3.2 If the warning “SolidWorks Serial number was not found in activation database “appears,
ignore it (click OK to continue)
3.3 If the full list of SW products to install is not visible,
click “Select different package” and tick option
“Select products not included in this package”
3.4 Select SW products to be installed
3.5 If the “The Installation Manager was unable to determine the current subscription
expiration date. Would you like to reactivate your license to update this information?”
appears, press No and press Yes in “Do you want to do it later?” prompt.

4. After installation is complete, run activator as administrator (right-click on file)
4.1 Press “Copy Loaders” button, and press “Stop Services and Copy Loaders” to confirm.
All running services related to SolidWorks will be stopped and loader fixes copied
to appropriate directories.
4.2 Press “Activate Express Codes” button, and press “Activate” button to confirm.
4.3 (OPTIONAL) If activation of eDrawings Professional and SolidWorks Workgroup PDM Viewer
is required, press “Activate Miscellany Products” and press “Activate” button to confirm.
4.4 Close activator

5. (OPTIONAL) Use generated PDM Professional license file to feed SNL License Server as described
in “PDM / License Server Activation”. If no PDM will be used, skip the step

6. Reboot computer


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